Follow the Software Steps Given Below

Step 1

click on the Start button » Go to All Programs » Select Pen Drive Recovery Software » Following Windows will pop up on the screen:

Step 2

Next step that you need to take is select Scan Disk from the tool bar. On clicking the Scan Disk option, you will come across the following screen enlisting the removable media/thumb drives that are connected to your computer system. On the right corner of the screen, you will find fundamental details about the thumb drive.

Step 3

Now, it's the type to choose the type of scanning process that you want your data to undergo. Double click on the thumb drive whose data you wish to recover and thus a dialog box will appear on screen from which you can select the prominent scanning option.

  • Normal Scanning: You can select this scan option if you want to recover normal files from the thumb drive.

  • In the process of Normal Scan, the software will scan the currently occupied bytes and available files in the thumb drive with information of partition selected by you, counts on bytes software is successful recovering, total occupied space, recovered files and folders, count on total number of files that are recovered within entire discovered folders.

  • Search results will provide you details about file name, file size, file type, creation date and modification date, full path properties of each file that is introduced for the scanning procedure. You can close the search option if it is not required at the current moment and access at later from the menu.

Step 4

For Deleted scan : If the data is being deleted from the thumb drive and you want to recover it, then this is an appropriate scanning option.

  • Search function is now supportive to "Include Deleted File Only" that will aid in restoration of deleted file and folders from the thumb drive but not the normal data.

Step 5

For Formatted scan : You can make use of this scanning option if you want to recover formatted data from thumb drive.

  • After completion of the scanning process, you can come across the following screen from where you are required to select the file that to get the preview

Step 6

Save the recovered file on desired and safe location